We at “Novel Concrete” offer you the Top quality Kerbstones, Tuff tiles, Hollow blocks and Pavers in Pakistan. Talking about the pavers, our pavers are sealable. This makes them even more maintenance free and this is a good idea for high traffic areas or areas that are more susceptible to getting stained or blemished. Talking about the quality, our pavers have a porous joint between them, that ensures excellent drainage. The water can seep down through the joints and into the ground. Ecologically, this prevents water runoff, which may damage the surrounding areas. Water goes into the ground not into the sewer system. That makes a huge difference and can save you from a lot of inconvenience. Our Interlocking concrete pavers are made up of a flexible system that allows movement, they are almost indestructible, the pavement system moves in unison with the earth’s usual tendency to swell and contract over the long term thus avoiding any serious damage over time. They are extremely durable and can last a lifetime.

We also manufacture top quality Kerbstones in Pakistan. We ensure that they provide a high impact resistant edge to heavy traffic areas. Their rugged design and contours make these an ideal solution for edging of roads, highways and parking lots as well as industrial, commercial, public and residential landscaping. Their dense structure makes them resistant to sulphate attacks as well as erosion caused by subsoil salts and water logging. Our Kerbstones can also be used as step sills or copings. They can also be combined with our other masonry products to create eye-catching architectural designs. These Kerbstones are manufactured on automatic plants with precise batching and are later shaped in imported molds. Our plants use hydraulic press and strong eccentric vibrating forces to form these stones with face mix to enhance aesthetic appeal. The excellent quality of our Kerbstones secures us a place amongst the largest manufacturer of these plant made products in Pakistan. We have two dedicated machines for curb stones. We source our molds and spares from top European brands. Our Kerbstones are also suitable to be used to channel runoff water from rain into drains. There is also a massive aesthetic aspect added to our Kerbstones. These are manufactures with such excellence that makes them look formal, polished and properly finished with diligence.

Every single one of our product, Including the Tuff Tiles, Pavers, Hollow Blocks and Kerbstones are produced under the supervision of dedicated concrete professionals giving and unbeatable product of lasting impressions. Embodying the strength, color, unique designs and very special textured surface, our products are outstanding as a rock and leaves behind the aging products in Pakistan. We don’t exaggerate when we make the claim to be the leading provider of the top quality construction items in Pakistan. The quality of our products and the feedback of our customers supports our claim. Our ultimate aim is to cater to all your architectural and concrete needs. We will continue to help you in the adornments of your homes and other buildings alike.