At “Novel Concrete” creativity is the driving force that fuels our concrete engineers. We are providing fashionable designs of Top Quality Construction items in Pakistan, that are used by different business models. We offer a wide variety of construction options at the cheapest price for the users, all the while keeping the excellence of quality intact.
We offer Top Quality Pavers in Pakistan which can be used in any climate and can be trafficked immediately upon compaction. The joints between the pavers eliminate the cracking common with traditional asphalt and concrete pavements. On both vehicular and pedestrian applications our pavers have a non-skid surface even when the pavers are wet they are safe to walk or drive a vehicle over them. These are also long lasting and durable.We are also the manufacturers of Top Quality Hollow blocks in Pakistan, which are mostly used as partition walls in multi-storey buildings. Our pigmented Hollow Blocks are also used in boundary walls and if made of high strength, these can also be used as margin walls as load bearing elements. On the asset of their hollowness, they add to the heat and sound insulation along with reducing weight of the construction. Our Hollow blocks can be an ideal replacement of clay bricks. Through high precision molds, it is ensured that the requirements for plaster is totally eliminated in most cases. You can trust our blocks for a beautiful permanent finish on clean modern lines.

Another one of our product is the Top Quality Tuff Tiles in Pakistan. Our Tuff Tiles are resistant to oils & acids as well as most other chemicals and are manufactured with added strength and durability. The finish of our tiles is also extremely durable and not prone to discoloring or fading in direct sunlight. They are specially designed with industrial standards in mind and they are capable of ensuring many tons of direct loadings and rollover weight per tile. They are suitable to for use on almost any floor area, from workshops to dealerships as well as home garages & gyms to name a few. Suitable for jacking vehicles & supporting axle stands as well.

The list doesn’t end here; we also provide the Top quality Kerbstones in Pakistan. Our Kerbstones are specifically designed for high impact resistance to heavy traffic areas such as roads, highway, ramps and parking lots. These are typically used in Industrial, Commercial, Residential and Landscaping application. Its dense structure and concrete mix makes it resistant to sulphate attacks as well as erosion caused by subsoil salts and water logging. They also come with low shrinkage and have high compressive strength.

Our quality and excellence is unbeatable. Through all these years, we’ve had the opportunity to deliver some enormous projects through our unparalleled quality, excellent planning and determination to excel and prosper. We are confident to claim to claim that our products are of the top quality and are cost effective as well. You won’t regret being our customer, we assure you that.