Novel Concrete is the manufacturer of Top Quality Tuff Tiles in Pakistan. Our tuff tiles are very versatile in design and offer protection from mileage because of human development and development of furniture, and so forth. They are likewise water safe and, in this way, give security against spillage. Our tuff tiles are extremely flexible. You can not only use them for walls and flooring, but, they are also completely usable and fit to use for the beautification and security or different, a little less normal application. Since they are light and simple to introduce, anybody can work with tile for a wide scope of home upgrades. Novel Concrete Tuff tiles are produced using regular dirt, sand, and water. Firstly, these materials are shaped to frame square or rectangular tiles and later, they are prepared in an oven to evacuate the vast majority of the dampness. These are additionally produced using mud; however, will, in general, be made utilizing denser kinds of the earth than clay. Our top quality Tuff Tiles are easy to maintain and another one of the characteristics that our customers love the most about our tuff tiles is that it is fit for anything and super easy to maintain. If incase, any stain or fluids spills on it, they will all lay on it and won’t get absorbed so you can easily wipe it all off in one go. You can keep them squeaky clean by occasionally using a vacuum with a delicate brush connection or a brush to get any free flotsam and jetsam and earth off the floor. If any stains do occur, practically any cleaner can be utilized, and it won’t harm the tile flooring. Our tuff tiles are water-resistant and come with a special protective layer on the material, so it’s stain-and water-resistant. They additionally oppose temperatures with high stickiness, so you don’t need to stress over it being destroyed during the sweltering and moist summer months. Any condition that is damp will profit by having tuff tiles. Our Tuff tiles come in quite a reasonable price. You don’t have to worry about them being too expensive or costing you a fortune. We ensure that your construction needs are met within your specified budget. Another thing to be noted here is that our tuff tile consists of many designs, styles, price but the excellence of quality remains the same. All these aspects jumble up to maintain the claim of us being the provider of top quality Tuff tiles in Pakistan. Our Tuff tiles products are most popular in Pakistan because the quality is maintained at every level. You can take our products confidently and you can test the quality and our rates by comparing them with the whole market.

Our products are produced under the supervision of dedicated concrete professionals ensuring the manufacturing of unbeatable products that leave a lasting impression. Be it our Hollow Blocks, Pavers, Tuff tiles or even Kerbstones, we ensure that we provide the top quality construction items in Pakistan.