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Concrete Brick and Fly Ash Brick are our landmark products intended to make construction materials more eco-friendly as well as economical. These bricks are produced in automated and controlled environment through modern technology and have consistent and superior finish.

Concrete bricks are stronger, durable, and moisture resistant and can be used for both residential and commercial buildings. Concrete bricks require less mortar, plastering efforts, and curing. Finished and interiors can be better maintained using the water resistant and zero water transport properties of concrete bricks.

Fly Ash Bricks are produced using industrial by-products such as ashes from different coal power plants and combustion furnaces. It is a greener product and helps reducing wastes and environmental pollution. Fly Ash Bricks are lighter and economical. These can be employed in both load bearing and partition walls. Fly Ash Bricks have good thermal and acoustic insulation properties and can resist moisture penetration was well.

Standard Sizes & Sections

Eco-friendly. Load Bearing Walls 3.1 x 4.5 x 9.5
No mortar and plaster requirement. Partation Walls
Reusable. Interior & Exterior Walls.
Fast erection. Foundation Works.
Cheaper and economical.
Effective for up to three stories.
Lower labour costs.
Turnkey solution with pre-cast structural system.