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Precast Concrete Boundary Wall Systems

Precast Concrete Boundary Wall

Precast Boundary Wall in Lahore is an ideal solution for various residential, industrial, storage and security constructions being durable, economical, and quick to install. Superior quality and aesthetically appeasing wall systems are manufactured on plants and then can be transported and installed on-site with much lesser time and with convenience. It has replaced, over the years, traditional brick or cast-in-place concrete walls due to their robust design and manufacturing, and flexible and economical construction solution.

The system consists of precast concrete planks and concrete columns. Planks and columns can be produced in various dimensions and sizes as per demand.

Standard Sizes & Sections

H Columns:
(Can be built in variable heights up to 12’)

1.  6 x 7

2.  6 x 8

3.  7 x 7

4.  7 x 8


1.   12 inch wide x 2 inch deep x 8 Feet long

Plant controlled superior quality. Housing societies
Economical and cost effective. Agricultural land.
Quick construction and installation. Warehouses
Reduced labour and formwork cost. Factories.
Reusable Parks.
Consistent and superior finish.. Schools and universities.
Green product. Hotels.
Availability as single panel and plank system. Farmhouses.
Coloured plank for aesthetics.