“Novel Concrete” is one of the best and top quality Concrete, Pavers & Bricks manufacturers company in Pakistan. Since 1981 were are tirelessly working to create a new scope in the field of construction and architectural aesthetics by introducing fine and best quality products for our valuable clients. We have proficiently designed driveway tiles, landscape gardeners, retaining walls, tough tiles, paving stones, as well as concrete and cement hollow blocks. Every procedure and production is carried on under the vigilant supervision of our qualified team which consists of well trained professional engineers and technicians. Our main motive is to help people in improving their living standards of people in Pakistan by providing them best solutions to different problems related to construction. We ensure our customers about the quality work at “Novel Concrete”. We give great attention to detail to every single one of our products. It is our aim to ensure that you enjoy the comfort of best performance of our products over the years. We ensure to never compromise on the quality of our products. Since 1981, we have continued to provide you the top quality pavers in Pakistan. The process of making the pavers begins with the acquisition of the best raw materials for our production process, using precision equipment and total quality management system that allow us to guarantee products of consistently superior quality. Our pavers make it possible for the home owner to easily install the stone pavers by themselves. Not only are they easy to install but they can also be repaired without any major difficulty. If you need to replace old pavers with the new ones, simply reset them in the sand bed and then sweep sand over the paved area to fill the joints, it is as simple as that!

We are the top quality providers and manufacturers of outdoor travertine pavers, 2×2 pavers, 24 inch pavers, flagstone paver, euro pavers, patios with pavers, classico pavers, bricks, fair faced hollow blocks, fair faced solid blocks, Pavia pavers, pedestal pavers, oval paver and garden pavers in the whole of Pakistan. We are also capable of guiding you to ensure the prospects with our project visualizer and connect with a contractor. Our ingenuity trainer is competent enough to help you with exploring our wide variety of top quality concrete building block products. “Novel Concrete” gives a platform where you can choose the walkways, driveways, and patios of your preferred style and size. Our pavers add a unique sense of style and value to your property, and need to be cogitate when upgrading. Our production facilities and our superior product quality style, pattern & design make us the best ones in Pakistan. We also offer our client to experiment with various paver styles and designs to see which one fits better. Our well trained and experienced sales and designing staff can assist you in developing the most satisfying look for your home or other buildings. Our team is competent enough to offer you help and guide you technically and innovate the best solutions for your projects.