Talking about the best concrete manufacturers in Pakistan, “Novel Concrete” proudly tops the list. We are undoubtedly one of the leading concrete products manufacturers in the country. Our production facility is managed by a team of qualified engineers and technicians with extensive training.With the help of state of the art plant and machinery, the professional supervisory staff at “Novel Concrete” ensures the production of high quality Ready Mix Concrete, Top quality concrete Pavers, Concrete Curbstones, Concrete Masonry Blocks (C.M.U.s), Split Stones for Facades, Palisades for landscaping and Concrete Slabs for indoor/outdoor flooring’s. All of these items are produced and manufactured in a myriad of different designs, colors, textures and that too with a flawless finish.
Our pavers come in many shapes, patterns, and colors of Concrete Pavers allow for design creativity, as well as delineation of pavement areas, such as parking lanes, cross walks, and intersections. Our pavers add value and visual appeal to any property. By adding flexibility not possible with rigid pavement, pavers can flow with existing landscaping to deliver beauty to any property. Our special rustic stone-like pavers to hose that look like clay brick. Light colored pavers offer a cooler surface around patios and pool decks. Our pavers ensure cost saving for small and simple projects by homeowners installing the pavement themselves with the aid of a good Do-It-Yourself installation manual, usually provided by the manufacturer of the paver products. Generally, concrete pavers are less expensive than clay pavers, granite pavers or sandstone pavers. When considering maintenance and replacement costs, pavers offer an economical long-term alternative to other types of pavement. Our Concrete pavers are extremely dense units, possessing exceptional strength and durability, superior stability under severe loads, and are unaffected by the extremes of heat and frost. Each unit has joints that allow for a small amount of movement without cracking. Factory made pavers last for decades. Manufactured to tight dimensional tolerances, pavers are stronger than regular poured concrete surfaces and more durable than black asphalt. They can take more abuse and last for generations. One of the greatest advantages of our Pavers is that the segmental paving system allows for expansion and contraction without producing surface cracks, unlike solid concrete surfaces and stamped concrete. The pavers by “Novel Concrete” are easy to remove and reinstate. You can install the same pavers with no ugly patches after repairs to the base or underground utilities. “Novel Pavers” are easy to maintain. You just need regular sweeping and occasional rinsing as the most maintenance needed to keep them as good as new. For heavy soiling, pressure washing with appropriate clearing solutions or a simple spot treatment with a brush is all you need. We are certain and quite proud of the fact that we provide top quality pavers in Pakistan. The trust that you have put in us over all these years is our ultimate asset and our driving force to do better as well. We will continue to cater to your needs and serve you to the best of our abilities.