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Novel Concrete leads the precast and interlocking concrete manufacturers in Pakistan. The company is known for its distinguished and reputed image set by satisfactory service delivery for more than 15 years now. We provide top quality products satisfying national and international specifications; the quality is achieved through the best research and state-of-the-art technology.

Novel Concrete delivers a wide range of precast concrete products including pavers, slab and wall panels, paving stones and blocks, kerbstones and barriers, EPS panels, and pre-stressed structural elements. Produced in automated and controlled indoors, the products manufactured are lighter, aesthetically pleasing, economical, sustainable, energy and eco-efficient. Our pavers boast high durability, un-questioned reliability and can resist various traffic and severe weather conditions. They can survive high inflows of heavy traffic, fierce abrasion of walkways and sustained pedestrian traffic on the one hand and heaviest compressive loads of machinery and material handling equipment at Port traffic on the other. Capable of bearing furious environmental and mechanical loads, these pavers find applications in countless facilities including petrol pumps, service stations, numerous residential driveways, pedestrian footpaths, commercial and industrial parking areas, recreational and monumental spots.

Precast roofing and wall systems that we provide address the demands of modern civil engineering applications such as lightweight construction, reduced structural loads, quick installation, improved thermal and acoustic performance, and the need for greener and sustainable development. We as a manufacturer take both the social and environmental responsibilities while producing and managing our deliverables.

Our products are approved by all the local government and semi-government departments as well as many testing laboratories confirming them appropriate for various applications. Novel Concrete enjoys a long list of satisfied and reputed clients and guarantee exemplary references.

15+ Year of Success
established in 2009 & and growing day by day!
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We offer excellent
Concerte products


Novel-Pavers are resilient and durable precast concrete products suitable for both heavy load bearing and decorative applications.


They require less finishing efforts, save mortar required for plastering, realize moisture proof and durable interior and exterior wall systems.


Concrete Brick and Fly Ash Brick are our landmark products intended to make construction materials more eco-friendly as well as economical.